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More Wedding Planning Tips


Planning a wedding can be so stressful you’ll start by googling something like mobile wedding bars to printable table place cards within the space of 5 minutes. The best thing you can do is take a step back and start with writing a list in the different areas you’ll need to focus on. By bitesizing the tasks down you’ll make the whole experience less stressful and hopefully avoid being the Bridezilla!

Buy a wedding planner!

Firstly grab a wedding planner – this doesn’t have to be a person (unless you have the funds to do so) but you can find some fabulous planners but we love this one by Busy B.

Set times!

It can get easy to get carried away with all your hopes and dreams but talking to your partner at a set time each week about it rather than in itty bits might just save a lot of time. Choose a time of the week where you both sit down and focus on planning. Use your notebook so not to forget anything. By ensuring all your time isn’t about the wedding you’ll find you both feel more relaxed!

Ask for help! 

If you have family or friends that can offer to take something on during the planning process then take advantage. It can be so easy to take the organising on but by asking a best friend to be responsible for say the table favours or simply running through plans with it will help to take the load off!

Pull in favours!

We found that we had lots of friends with experience in things we needed and asked them if they could help out on the day. Know a friend that loves flowers/has a creative eye then ask them to lay the tables in the morning with you, a photographer or a DJ – if you are budgeting this is a great idea and mostly people will be happy to help.

There are lots of ays to ensure your day goes as smoothly as planned but ensuring you make a plan, write lists to keep on top of it then when it comes to the big day it will suddenly feel stress free! What tips do you have?

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